Why Choose Fiber Internet?

Do you want faster internet speeds with added reliability? Most of us would say absolutely! The internet can be a wonderful tool full of resources and information when it works correctly. Poor internet speeds and fuzzy data can hinder your personal and business performance, which is why switching to fiber internet might be the right move.

What is Fiber Internet?

Fiber optic internet, commonly referred to as just fiber internet, replaces a traditional cable with a cable filled with plastic fibers. This allows data to travel through the plastic fibers as beams of light in a pattern. As the light flashes, a morse code like signal is pushed through a glass filament, connecting to a sheath that houses the filament. The filament then travels straight to your computer where your modem will then decode the information. This probably sounds pretty confusing. All you need to know is that fiber internet greatly improves your connection speed, reaching speeds up to 20 times faster than a traditional cable. 

How Can Fiber Internet Benefit Me?

The top benefit of using fiber internet is the speed. A common fiber optic internet speed is 1 Gbps, which is significantly greater than the speed of a traditional cable. Instead of taking 10 minutes to download something to your computer, it only takes 1 minute. The increase in speed can allow you to be more efficient in day-to-day tasks, such as sending emails or processing data. Additionally, fiber internet provides its users with greater reliability. Instead of waiting for your movie to buffer every 10 minutes, you can watch a movie with no worries of frozen screens. 

Perhaps all of these benefits haven’t sold you yet, but what if I told you that fiber internet can keep you safer? Not only are first responders and the US government implementing fiber internet for quicker response times.  Minutes matter, especially in a life-threatening situation. Fiber internet can provide you with quick connections to medical responders to utilize every critical moment.  Fiber optic cables keep all the signals trapped inside the wires, creating a safe and secure solution for you. 

Where Can I Learn More About Fiber Internet?

Fiber optic cables are an upcoming trend, meaning they haven’t reached all areas yet. Utel USA understands the latest technological trends and has developed connections within the industry that they can pair you up with. Don’t spend hours searching around for fiber optic internet cable services when you can simply contact Utel USA and have all your questions answered. Our advisors not only can get you in touch with the latest technology, but can also suggest telecommunication solutions tailored to your business to ensure your business is running in top notch condition. 

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