Why a Hosted PBX System is Beneficial to Your Business

Businesses are constantly having to adapt to new technological advancements to remain competitive. One up and coming advancement is the use of a Hosted PBX phone system. A Hosted PBX phone system can drastically benefit your business, from saving costs to boosting corporate image.

What is a Hosted PBX System?

A hosted private branch exchange (Hosted PBX) is a type of phone system that allows companies to utilize all of their phone system features, such as voicemail, faxing and automated greetings. A Hosted PBX system can let employees communicate with each other and clients from the ease of their desk without compromising security and functionality. A Hosted PBX system can work through a public switched telephone network, through the internet or a combination of the two. Regardless of the method used, a Hosted PBX system can lead to some great benefits for your business. 

Reduce Costs

The first benefit a Hosted PBX system can provide you is reduced costs. Every business wants to reduce operating costs and improve their margin. Implementing a Hosted PBX system can do just that. The initial setup does not entail a large investment before installation, meaning no need to rework electrical and other components. Not only is the initial setup cost friendly, but lower maintenance costs make a Hosted PBX system a major benefit. You won’t need to hire anyone to maintain a Hosted PBX system since it is user-friendly, and everything is stored on the cloud. This can greatly reduce any maintenance costs associated with your current system and allow you to boost that profit margin up!

Boost Corporate Image

Corporate image is a major component of effectively marketing your company. Potential clients look to your corporate image to determine if you are reliable and trustworthy. One aspect that can boost corporate image is a Hosted PBX system. A Hosted PBX system allows your company to appear professional, regardless of business size. Having the ability to patch clients through to certain employees, host virtual meetings and receive voicemails helps your business look put together, despite what may be going on behind closed doors. It’s a win-win situation: increase efficiency and boost corporate image. 

Ease of Scalability

Another benefit of a Hosted PBX system is ease of scalability. Adding additional phone lines for new employees is no problem and can easily be done. As your business grows, you can rest assured knowing that your Hosted PBX system will grow with you with no additional setup costs. Moreover, as technology advances, so does the work-life balance. Many employees are taking advantage of working from home, making it necessary to have a phone system that goes anywhere. With a Hosted PBX system, you can use your phone line from anywhere regardless of distance, connecting all your employees to one uniform system.


A Hosted PBX system can have a significant impact on the efficiency of your business, making it something you should consider implementing. Finding the right Hosted PBX system provider can take a great deal of research. Luckily the telecommunication experts at Utel USA have done the research for you. Utel USA can pair you up with the right Hosted PBX solution to ensure all your needs are met, leaving all the guesswork out of the transition. 

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